Inter-School Football Competition

Published: 2016-10-03
In the area of sports development, Ati Annang Foundation has constantly champion the hosting of many sporting competitions in selected secondary schools in Annang with a view to discover football talents. The Foundation through USA chapter sponsored the 2015 edition of the Ati Annang. This exercise was very rewarding as the Foundation discovered a lot of hidden talents among the youths in line with the philosophy of catching them young.


Published: 2016-10-02
Culture is the way of life of the people. Ati Annang Foundation has over the years, promote and sustain the cultural heritage of the people of Annang Nation. This is done by constantly reviving the indigenous culture of the people. This is one of the things that make Annang community a home for all even in diaspora.


Published: 2016-10-01

The Foundation has contributed significantly to the development of the health sector. Recently, Hospital equipment worth millions of US dollars were donated to Mercy Hospital, Abak by Canada Chapter.


Published: 2016-10-05
Education empowerment is the main stay of Ati Annang Foundation since inception in 1994. The achievement includes;

1. Scholarship Award to deserving students.
2. Guidance and Counseling Programme on career choice for students.
3. Award of prices to best performing students in secondary schools.
4. Excellence Award to deserving persons.
5. Establishment of Educational Institution.
6. Lectures and conferences.

Back Pack Project

Published: 2016-10-04
ATI ANNANG Foundation anchors “Back Pack Project”, which awards customized educational materials to the best performing pupils in Primary Schools in Annang land. Over 300 pupils have so far benefitted from the project. The exercise is aimed at supporting the free and compulsory education policy of Akwa Ibom State Government. The project is highly applauded and has expanded in scope. Ati Annang Foundation through its Education Committee visits schools and identifies qualified pupils for the award.