List of Primary Schools selected for Back Pack Project

Posted: 4 years ago
The Ati Annang Foundation has released the names of primary schools whose students will be beneficiaries of the Back Pack Project.

1. Annang People School, Ibagwa Abak
2. St. Andrew’s Catholic School, Eriam Abak
3. Lutheran School, Otoro 1 Abak
4. Government School, Ediene II Abak
5. St. Michael’s Primary School, Midim Abak
6. Government School, Afaha Oboi Ukanafun
7. CPS, Ikot Odiong Ukanafun
8. St. Michael Catholic School, Ikot Etim I Ukanafun
9. Government Sch., Idung Urom/Isor/Obon Odor Ukanafun
10. Government School, Northern Afaha Ukanafun
11. Methodist School, Utu Ikot Ukpong Essien Udim
12. Methodist School, Ukana Ikot Ofok Essien Udim
13. St. Thomas Catholic School, Mbiabet Ikpe Essien Udim
14. St. Paul’s Catholic School, Ikot Ineme Essien Udim
15. St. Mary’s Catholic School, Nto Okpo Essien Udim
16 St. Peter’s A/C School, Ikot Antia Ika
17 ICC School, Ikot Okoroata Ika
18. St. Monica’s Con. School, Efen Ika
19. Government School, Udi-Ika Ika
20. Government School, Ikot Uko/Ikot Essien Ika
21. St. Andrew’s Catholic School, Nto Edino/Ibong Obot Akara
22. St. Patrick’s Catholic School, Nto Ide Obot Akara
23. Methodist School, Urua Otu Obot Akara
24. Sacred Heart School, Ikwen Obot Akara
25. Methodist School, Ikot Abia Osom/Abia Okpo Ibo Obot Akara
26. ACS, Ikot Ese Etim Ekpo
27. QIC Government School, Utu, Uruk/Ikono Etim Ekpo
28. St. Joseph’s Catholic School, Iwukem Etim Ekpo
29. Lutheran School, Atai Nto Obo Etim Ekpo
30. ACS, Uruk Ata Ikot Isemin Etim Ekpo
31. Methodist School, Ikot Abia Idem/Ikot Enwang Ikot Ekpene
32. Methodist School Nsiak Ikot Ekpene
33. St. Mary’s Cath. School, Ikot AT/Ikot Obong
Ikot Ekpene
34. St. Victors Catholic School, Ikot Ubo Ikot Ekpene
35 Methodist C/School Amayam Ikot Ekpene
36. Annang People School, Obio Ndot Oruk Anam
37. QIC School, Ediene Itung Oruk Anam
38. St Theresas School, Ikot Akam/Ikot Inyang Oruk Anam
39. QIC School, Ikot Ukpong Eren Oruk Anam
40 St Andrew School, Ikot Akpan Essien Oruk Anam